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❀ World Snooker Championships / Triple Crown

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World Snooker Championships ... Winners
World Snooker Championship 2018
Mark Williams won his third world title and 21st ranking title, defeating John Higgins 18–16 in the final. The win came fifteen years after Williams' second world title in 2003 and prior to the beginning of the season, Williams had not won a ranking event in the last six years. In winning the event, Williams received the highest prize money awarded for a snooker event at £425,000 of a total pool of £1,968,000. At the age of 43, he became the second oldest winner at the Crucible Theatre. Defending and three-time world champion Mark Selby had won the world title for the previous two years, but lost in the first round 4–10 to Joe Perry.
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World Snooker Championship 2019
The title was won by Judd Trump, who defeated John Higgins 18–9 in the final; Trump became the eleventh player to win all three Triple Crown titles at least once. Defending champion Mark Williams lost 9–13 to David Gilbert in the second round of the tournament. For the first time in the history of the world championship, an amateur player appeared at the main stage of the event. Debutant James Cahill defeated world number one Ronnie O'Sullivan in the first round, before being narrowly defeated by Stephen Maguire in a second round decider.
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World Snooker Championship 2020
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The Triple Crown (sometimes called snooker's majors) in snooker is winning the three most prestigious tournaments; the World Championship, the UK Championship, and the invitational Masters. These three events together make up the Triple Crown Series with each individual tournament referred to as a Triple Crown event. The individual events are deemed to be the most reputable, despite not always being worth the most ranking points or prize fund. Players who win all three tournaments are said to have "won the Triple Crown", either over their career, or in one season alone. The Triple Crown dates back to the 1969 World Snooker Championship, when the event changed reverted to a knockout format from the prior "challenge" basis.

As of 2020, 11 players have won all three events, with both Stephen Hendry and Ronnie O'Sullivan winning each event five times or more. O'Sullivan has the most titles, having won 19 individual tournaments. Three players have won all three in the space of a season, with Mark Williams, Steve Davis each and Hendry having done so on two occasions. Shortly before the start of the Masters tournament in January 2020, the name was officialised as part of a "Triple Crown series", with any player who had won the Triple Crown in the past being able to adorn their waistcoat with a crown symbolising their achievements.

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